Rubber seating rings “cushion” insert bearings in pressed steel pillow block housings. This helps dampen vibration and noise, and enables these bearings to be displaced slightly in their housings so that minor shaft expansion or misalignment can be accommodated. They can be fitted on all SKF insert bearings, except for those with a standard inner ring (17262 and 17263 series). 
Rubber seating rings are made of NBR and can withstand temperatures ranging from –30 to +100 °C (–20 to +210 °F). Rubber seating rings are available as an accessory and must be ordered separately.

Rubber Seating Rings for Insert Bearing

401218.0035.5039.8047.301.00RIS 203
471419.0041.2046.8052.301.00RIS 204
521520.5046.4051.8062.301.00RIS 205
621821.5054.6061.8072.301.00RIS 206 A
721923.0063.7071.8080.301.50RIS 207 A
802124.0070.7079.7085.301.50RIS 208 A