Needle rollers can be used to design full complement bearing arrangements for low-speed or oscillating applications. These compact bearing arrangements have a very high load carrying capacity when compared to bearings with a cage and are economical, provided the shaft and housing bore can serve as raceways

Needle Roller Bearings Needle Roller

Outside DiameterLengthModelVariation
1.007.80RN-1×7.8 BF/G2
1.5013.80RN-1.5×13.8 BF/G2
1.506.80RN-1.5×6.8 BF/G2
1.5011.80RN-1.5×11.8 BF/G2
1.505.80RN-1.5×5.8 BF/G2
1.507.80RN-1.5×7.8 BF/G2
1.509.80RN-1.5×9.8 BF/G2
2.0015.80RN-2×15.8 BF/G2
2.0013.80RN-2×13.8 BF/G2
2.0011.80RN-2×11.8 BF/G2
2.009.80RN-2×9.8 BF/G2
2.0019.80RN-2×19.8 BF/G2
2.0017.80RN-2×17.8 BF/G2
2.007.80RN-2×7.8 BF/G2
2.006.30RN-2×6.3 BF/G2
2.0021.80RN-2×21.8 BF/G2
2.5021.80RN-2.5×21.8 BF/G2
2.5023.80RN-2.5×23.8 BF/G2
2.5019.80RN-2.5×19.8 BF/G2
2.5017.80RN-2.5×17.8 BF/G2
2.5015.80RN-2.5×15.8 BF/G2
2.5011.80RN-2.5×11.8 BF/G2
2.5013.80RN-2.5×13.8 BF/G2
2.507.80RN-2.5×7.8 BF/G2
2.509.80RN-2.5×9.8 BF/G2
3.009.80RN-3×9.8 BF/G2
3.0021.80RN-3×21.8 BF/G2
3.0023.80RN-3×23.8 BF/G2
3.0019.80RN-3×19.8 BF/G2
3.0017.80RN-3×17.8 BF/G2
3.0015.80RN-3×15.8 BF/G2
3.0013.80RN-3×13.8 BF/G2
3.0011.80RN-3×11.8 BF/G2
3.5015.80RN-3.5×15.8 BF/G2
3.5029.80RN-3.5×29.8 BF/G2
3.5011.80RN-3.5×11.8 BF/G2
3.5017.80RN-3.5×17.8 BF/G2
3.5013.80RN-3.5×13.8 BF/G2
3.5021.80RN-3.5×21.8 BF/G2
3.5019.80RN-3.5×19.8 BF/G2
3.5034.80RN-3.5×34.8 BF/G2
4.0029.80RN-4×29.8 BF/G2
4.0027.80RN-4×27.8 BF/G2
4.0013.80RN-4×13.8 BF/G2
4.0025.80RN-4×25.8 BF/G2
4.0023.80RN-4×23.8 BF/G2
4.0011.80RN-4×11.8 BF/G2
4.0039.80RN-4×39.8 BF/G2
4.0021.80RN-4×21.8 BF/G2
4.0019.80RN-4×19.8 BF/G2
4.0017.80RN-4×17.8 BF/G2
4.0015.80RN-4×15.8 BF/G2
4.0034.80RN-4×34.8 BF/G2
5.0015.80RN-5×15.8 BF/G2
5.0023.80RN-5×23.8 BF/G2
5.0025.80RN-5×25.8 BF/G2
5.0039.80RN-5×39.8 BF/G2
5.0021.80RN-5×21.8 BF/G2
5.0029.80RN-5×29.8 BF/G2
5.0027.80RN-5×27.8 BF/G2
5.0034.80RN-5×34.8 BF/G2
5.0019.80RN-5×19.8 BF/G2
6.0017.80RN-6×17.8 BF/G2