Needle rollers can be used to design full complement bearing arrangements for low-speed or oscillating applications. These compact bearing arrangements have a very high load carrying capacity when compared to bearings with a cage and are economical, provided the shaft and housing bore can serve as raceways

Needle Roller Bearings Inner Rings

5816.00IR 5x8x16
5812.00IR 5x8x12
61010.00IR 6x10x10
61010.00IR 6x10x10 IS1
6916.00IR 6x9x16
6912.00IR 6x9x12
71010.50IR 7x10x10.5
71016.00IR 7x10x16
71012.00IR 7x10x12
71010.50LR 7x10x10.5
81210.50LR 8x12x10.5
81210.00IR 8x12x10 IS1
81212.50LR 8x12x12.5
81210.50IR 8x12x10.5
81210.00IR 8x12x10
81212.50IR 8x12x12.5
91212.00IR 9x12x12
91216.00IR 9x12x16
101412.00IR 10x14x12 IS1
101312.50LR 10x13x12.5
101312.50IR 10x13x12.5
101413.00IR 10x14x13
101416.00IR 10x14x16
101420.00IR 10x14x20
121613.00IR 12x16x13
121616.00IR 12x16x16
121622.00IR 12x16x22
121620.00IR 12x16x20
121512.50LR 12x15x12.5
121512.50IR 12x15x12.5
121516.50LR 12x15x16.5
121522.50IR 12x15x22.5
121612.00IR 12x16x12 IS1
121516.50IR 12x15x16.5
121512.00IR 12x15x12
121516.00IR 12x15x16
121522.50LR 12x15x22.5
141717.00IR 14x17x17
152012.00IR 15x20x12 IS1
152013.00IR 15x20x13
151920.00IR 15x19x20
151816.50IR 15x18x16.5
152023.00IR 15x20x23
151816.50LR 15x18x16.5
151812.50LR 15x18x12.5
151816.00IR 15x18x16
172213.00IR 17x22x13
172216.00IR 17x22x16
172120.00IR 17x21x20
172116.00IR 17x21x16
172020.00IR 17x20x20
172030.50IR 17x20x30.5
172016.00IR 17x20x16
172030.50LR 17x20x30.5
172020.50IR 17x20x20.5
172020.50LR 17x20x20.5
172016.50LR 17x20x16.5
172016.50IR 17x20x16.5
172420.00IR 17x24x20
202512.50LR 20x25x12.5
202530.00IR 20x25x30
202538.50IR 20x25x38.5
202526.50IR 20x25x26.5
202416.00IR 20x24x16
202516.50LR 20x25x16.5
202520.50IR 20x25x20.5
202520.50LR 20x25x20.5
202820.00IR 20x28x20
202520.00IR 20x25x20
202526.50LR 20x25x26.5
202538.50LR 20x25x38.5
202420.00IR 20x24x20
202516.00IR 20x25x16 IS1
222620.00IR 22x26x20
222820.50LR 22x28x20.5
222616.00IR 22x26x16
222817.00IR 22x28x17
222820.00IR 22x28x20
222830.00IR 22x28x30
222820.50IR 22x28x20.5
253016.00IR 25x30x16 IS1
253020.50LR 25x30x20.5
253016.50LR 25x30x16.5
253020.50IR 25x30x20.5
253017.00IR 25x30x17
253038.50LR 25x30x38.5
253020.00IR 25x30x20
253026.50LR 25x30x26.5
253030.00IR 25x30x30
253032.00IR 25x30x32
253026.50IR 25x30x26.5
252930.00IR 25x29x30
253038.50IR 25x30x38.5
252920.00IR 25x29x20
253012.50LR 25x30x12.5
253222.00IR 25x32x22
283230.00IR 28x32x30
283220.00IR 28x32x20
283217.00IR 28x32x17
303530.00IR 30x35x30
303526.00IR 30x35x26
303520.00IR 30x35x20
303513.00IR 30x35x13
303516.00IR 30x35x16
303517.00IR 30x35x17
303516.50LR 30x35x16.5
303520.50LR 30x35x20.5
303722.00IR 30x37x22
303820.00IR 30x38x20 IS1
303512.50LR 30x35x12.5
303520.50IR 30x35x20.5
303718.00IR 30x37x18
324020.00IR 32x40x20
324036.00IR 32x40x36
323730.00IR 32x37x30
323720.00IR 32x37x20
333713.00IR 33x37x13
354220.00IR 35x42x20 IS1
354030.00IR 35x40x30
354017.00IR 35x40x17
354020.00IR 35x40x20
354012.50LR 35x40x12.5
354020.50IR 35x40x20.5
354322.00IR 35x43x22
354016.50LR 35x40x16.5
354236.00IR 35x42x36
354020.50LR 35x40x20.5
384330.00IR 38x43x30
384320.00IR 38x43x20
405022.00IR 40x50x22
404840.00IR 40x48x40
404516.50LR 40x45x16.5
404530.00IR 40x45x30
405020.00IR 40x50x20 IS1
404517.00IR 40x45x17
404520.00IR 40x45x20
404520.50IR 40x45x20.5
404520.50LR 40x45x20.5
404822.00IR 40x48x22
424730.00IR 42x47x30
424720.00IR 42x47x20
455520.00IR 45x55x20 IS1
455035.00IR 45x50x35
455025.00IR 45x50x25
455522.00IR 45x55x22
455025.50IR 45x50x25.5
455020.50LR 45x50x20.5
455240.00IR 45x52x40
455222.00IR 45x52x22
455025.50LR 45x50x25.5
505840.00IR 50x58x40
505822.00IR 50x58x22
506020.00IR 50x60x20 IS1
506028.00IR 50x60x28
506025.00IR 50x60x25
505525.00IR 50x55x25
505535.00IR 50x55x35
505520.50LR 50x55x20.5
505520.00IR 50x55x20 IS1
556528.00IR 55x65x28
556345.00IR 55x63x45
556325.00IR 55x63x25
556025.00IR 55x60x25
556035.00IR 55x60x35
606835.00IR 60x68x35
606845.00IR 60x68x45
607028.00IR 60x70x28
607025.00IR 60x70x25
657335.00IR 65x73x35
657225.00IR 65x72x25
657325.00IR 65x73x25
657245.00IR 65x72x45
657528.00IR 65x75x28
708025.00IR 70x80x25
708035.00IR 70x80x35
708030.00IR 70x80x30
708054.00IR 70x80x54
758535.00IR 75x85x35
758530.00IR 75x85x30
758525.00IR 75x85x25
758554.00IR 75x85x54
809054.00IR 80x90x54
809025.00IR 80x90x25
809035.00IR 80x90x35
809030.00IR 80x90x30
8510063.00IR 85x100x63
859536.00IR 85x95x36
859526.00IR 85x95x26
8510035.00IR 85x100x35
9010535.00IR 90x105x35
9010026.00IR 90x100x26
9010030.00IR 90x100x30
9010036.00IR 90x100x36
9010563.00IR 90x105x63
9510526.00IR 95x105x26
9511035.00IR 95x110x35
9511063.00IR 95x110x63
9510536.00IR 95x105x36
10011540.00IR 100x115x40
10011040.00IR 100x110x40
10011030.00IR 100x110x30
11012030.00IR 110x120x30
11012540.00IR 110x125x40
12013030.00IR 120x130x30
12013545.00IR 120x135x45
13015050.00IR 130x150x50
13014535.00IR 130x145x35
14016050.00IR 140x160x50
14015535.00IR 140x155x35
15016540.00IR 150x165x40
16017540.00IR 160x175x40
18019545.00IR 180x195x45
19021050.00IR 190x210x50
20022050.00IR 200x220x50
22024050.00IR 220x240x50
24026560.00IR 240x265x60
26028560.00IR 260x285x60
28030569.00IR 280x305x69
30033080.00IR 300x330x80
32035080.00IR 320x350x80
34037080.00IR 340x370x80
36039080.00IR 360x390x80
380415100.00IR 380x415x100