Assortment of matched single row tapered roller bearings  is based on popular sizes of single row tapered roller bearings. Depending on the application requirements, matched tapered roller bearings are available in different designs and variants

Matched Single Row Tapered Roller Bearings arranged in Tandems

IDODWidthRPMLimit SpeedModelVariation
4595624,0007,000T7FC 045T62/DTC10
50105693,6006,300T7FC 050T69/DTC10
55115733,4005,600T7FC 055T73/DTC10
60125803,0005,300T7FC 060T80/DTC15
65130803,0005,000T7FC 065T80/DTC15
80160982,4004,000T7FC 080T98/DTC20